World Flag Skit

At our Division Thinking Day event we did the following skit:



Call for something blue (a light blue towel or piece of fabric) to represent the sky that shines over all of us around the world.
(A big yellow construction paper sun) is added to the pot for the sun shining over the children of the world.
(White piece of paper) to represent our commitment to peace.
(Two large tinfoil covered stars) to represent the Promise and Law.
(Embroidery hoop or something round) to represent our worldwide association.
(Something with a trefoil on it) representing our threefold Promise.
(A compass) to show us the way.
(Three mustard coloured papers with the Promise written on them) read out each paper brought to the pot.

Stir after each addition and then with a flourish ask if anyone in the audience has a match. Strike the match and explain that the flame burns with the love of humanity.  Dramatically drop the match carefully into the cup of water inside the pot.

Announce to the girls that  the World Flag is ready.  Reach into the pot and pull out the World Flag.  After the gasp of amazement from the girls, hold up the flag and reinforce the elements on the flag and their meanings.  Sparks and Brownies thought we were magic.

Contributed by:
Debbie Palecek
(She says: "Can't take credit for the idea, I read about it once and never could find the article so we improvised.")

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