Fish Race: A Game from Western Samoa

Fish Race - Variation 1

Each six (or patrol, team) sits in a circle. Guider gives each team a page of an old magazine. Guider gives a signal to begin.
Each sixer (patrol leader) starts off by tearing the paper into a shape of a fish. The whistle is blown again and the paper is passed on to the next Brownie. The whistle is kept blowing until every Brownie has had a turn in tearing. Guider says "stop" and checks to find the best fish. The winning six or team has the best one.

Fish Race - Variation 2

Each team or six is divided into two lines facing each other. When Guider says "go", all sixers or leaders of teams crouch down on hands and feet and blow their own fish. When fish gets to the other half of the team, the Brownie in front goes down on her feet and hands and blows it back to the other half. This is kept going until all Brownies of a six or team have had their turn. The winning team of course, is the team that has completed their turns first and have played the game well.

The information above is from a booklet called 'Guide to Pacific Guiding', published by The Girl Guides Association New Zealand (Inc.), 1981, with sponsorship provided by Air New Zealand. This booklet is no longer in print and, to the best of my knowledge, no longer available.

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