Mars Bar Game

Sandra O'Keeffe
Dublin Diocesan Commissioner for Guides

EQUIPMENT:Mars Bars (three or four)
2 Dice (more may be needed if the group is particularly large)
Old clothes (jumper, trousers, hat)
For younger girls use Fun-size Mars Bars or the smaller sweets version instead of the large bar and the knife.


AGE: any age

Girls sit in a circle.
Place one bar, the knife and the old clothes on a chair / table in the centre of the circle.
Give the dice to 2 girls sitting facing each other in the circle. Each girl throws the dice and passes it on in a clockwise direction. If a girl gets a 6 then she jumps up, runs clockwise around the outside of the circle, through her space into the centre of the circle where she puts on the clothes and then cuts a slice of the bar. However there may be someone after her and if she is tagged by another girl before she cuts the bar she must take off the clothes as quickly as possible to allow the other girl put them on. If she cuts the bar she is allowed to eat it.

Only an untagged girl may eat the bar.

Continue until there are no more bars.

When I was a Guide we played this game without the clothes but I think we used more chocolate!!