Milk Carton Candles

Kristen Byrnes
8th Kingston Guides
Kingston, Ontario

  • Put a taper candle in the middle of a 250 mL milk carton (ours have a waxy inside finish on them but you could use frozen juice containers or whatever).

  • Break up ice cubes into smaller chunks (but not too small) and put about an inch into the carton.

  • Pour the first colour of heated wax over the ice. Allow to cool. (We put two colours on the bottom so we waited for the ice to melt and dump out the water and filled again with another kind of wax (to the same level as the other colour ~1" - this uses more wax and isn't really necessary but it makes the bottom a little less crumbly))

  • Put more chunks of ice into the container and pour another colour of heated wax (you should be about 2/3 full). Allow to cool.

  • Put more chunks of ice into the carton and fill the rest of the carton with melted wax. You could also put squares of cold wax into the carton instead of ice to make a cubic type candle.

  • After the wax is completely cooled and ice melted, dump out water and carefully peel off the carton (some water will still be in there so be careful. Voila!

  • You can also coat the outside of candles with frothy wax by whipping the melted wax with an egg beater (hand one) and spoon wax onto the sides of the candle.

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