Miniature First Aid Kits

Nathalie Vanasse
St. John's East Area, Manuel Division,

In each canister (use Pharmacy pill containers) you put:

a band-aid
  • a small sterile gauze pad (in wrapping)
  • a cotton ball
  • half a cue-tip
  • an alcohol swab ( in packet)

    Around the outside you wrap six to eight inches of bandage tape (the white stuff)...making sure to trap a loop of twine so the whole thing can be hung on your hat.

    Then write "First Aid" (the red cross symbol is copyrighted by the Red Cross) on the outside, and hang from your hat with a large safety pin!

    (note that the bandage tape and safety pin are also part of the kit)

    I think this was in the Guider some time ago and I'm afraid I can't give credit to the originator of the idea.

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