Name Game

Clare Zimmermann

Name Game

Play with an even number of people, at least four but can be as many as 20, though if there is an odd number one can be timer and scorekeeper.


1 piece of paper per player plus one for keeping score
watch with second hand


Getting ready:

Choose partners.

Each person writes as many names of famous people, dead or alive, fictional or real, that they can think of. Twenty is a good minimum number.

Tear up paper so that each name is on one slip, fold up and put slips of paper into bag or bowl and mix up.

The game:

Work in groups of twos- you keep the same partners throughout the game

Taking turns, each partner picks a name and gives clues to her/his partner who tries to guess the name.

As soon as the name is guessed the guesser then pulls out a name and does the same.

If you don't know who someone is, give clues about the name - for instance, one partner had "Marion Davies" and didn't know who it was so said, "first name same as Robin Hood's girlfriend"

Each group has 45 seconds to guess as many names as possible, timer says "stop" and "go".

Any names not guessed get put back into the bag/bowl.

Score one point for each correct answer.


You may not include any part of the person's name in your clue.

No rhyming as in "last name rhymes with.."

Clues may be whole sentences, not just one word.

Understanding this, we had some weird ones like "Harvey Wallbanger". One of the girls had never heard of her person she was trying to guess (Jack Parr) and after getting that the first name was "Jack" the clue was "when you play golf you want to get..?" The girl said "Under par, Jack Under Par?" Still didn't ring a bell!