National Structure

Jennifer Walker
Alberta Link Advisor, Pathfinder Guider, Music Trainer, LDP Trainer
Edmonton, Alberta

Since a lot of people probably aren't familiar with the National structure, I thought I'd post this to the list rather than just to Marianne (it's all in POR, actually, though with a little bit of my interpretation - correct me if I'm wrong anywhere!):


"National" includes the following:

1) National Forum - held every three years, first one ever was in April, delegates from the provinces plus national Council and Management Board members.

2) National Council - 18 elected members (3 year term) plus Chief Commish, Pres. of Mgmt Board, and executive director -responsible for governance - i.e. ideas, general policies

3) Management Board - Pres, VP, Prov Commissioners, Exec Director, Service Directors, and Service Managers -operational priorities, action plans - ie. how to go about carrying out what the National Council decides

4) Service Departments (Program Development, Volunteer Support Service, Communications Service, Sales and Fund Raising Service, Finance and Administration Service) - committees each chaired by a Director (volunteer), and have a manager (paid staff at National)


So, although we always refer to the Chief Commissioner as the top person in Canadian Guiding, the President of the Management Board and the Executive Director are also important positions in Guiding, though they are more to do with the administration of things rather than the leadership aspect.


Specific responsibilities of the Chief Commissioner (section711 POR - selected bits):

(NB the definition of a Chief's Chat is "informal conversations with leaders and girls. They focus on the future and on the meaning of Guiding. They are intended to be informative, affirming, and inspiring." - I thought it was interesting that this is actually in writing!)