The Netherlands' Beavers

Barb Garber

Age: 5 - 7 years old

Promise: Do not have one

Uniform: Red sweater

Song: "Beavers are going to visit the house of Tall Do All and are going to play with all the people and animals living there. That will be a lot of fun!"

Story: Tall Do All

The activities which Beavers undertake all come within the world of "Lange Doener" (Tall Do All). Apart from being a source of ideas for programmes the story is also very suitable for reading to the children.

The story takes place within the world of Tall Do All. Tall Do All is someone who offers Beavers the opportunity to play in and around his house. Tall Do All lives on the outskirts of the village. When he is at home he hoists his flag.

For the Beavers in the neighborhood this is a sign, meaning that they are welcome in the house of Tall Do All. Beavers are busy inside with various things: drawing, painting, sawing and hammering. They always play all over the house. Tall Do All helps the Beavers wherever he can, no effort is too much for him.

He can also tell wonderful, exciting stories and knows an amazing number of games.

He is also a magician on top of all that! Of course it is not real magic, but ... whenever he has made something it is as if the world has become a happier place and has changed a little for the better. In the Beavers' eyes, of course, that is. Like when he made an aeroplane out of a ladder, a few planks and an old vacuum cleaner. Yes, he really did that! All the Beavers who were there saw it. They got on the plane with Tall Do All and he pronounced a strange formula. The next moment they were amid the clouds, high above their village. They waved to the other Beavers who had remained below.

Tall Do All also built a submarine out of old carton boxes. That was a real adventure! Believe it or not, they went down into the pond, joining the fish. It is unbelievable, but it is true. Tall Do All can do anything, really anything!

Grown ups who cannot grasp all this say that is a "strange sort of fellow".

In the portfolio Tall Do All tells about what he has done together with the Beavers in the village, and of course with his other friends: Oliver the hamster, Alex the red tom cat, with Carrot the rabbit and Twitter and Twaddle, Tall Do All's two rice- birds. Let's not forget Quilty who is always constructing tents, Pompadom who cannot get enough of music and Frederick Tearitup who has to tear a newspaper up as soon as he sees one. It is also the story about the Beavers: Frank, Mark, Miriam, Jenny and many others. The Beavers are allowed to do anything, that is why they can do so many different things.