New Zealand's Pippins

Barb Garber

Age: 5-6 years old. Any five or six year old may belong to a group so long as there is someone in her family who is willing to help. This means coming to meetings about once a term and offering ideas for programmes. The Pippin programme emphasizes family involvement.

The Pippin Branch of Girl Guides in NZ was launched in 1984. The girls were named Pippins after a variety of apple.

Badge: The official Pippin badge is worn on the right side of the popover (apron like uniform). On the left is worn the province badge and any special event patches may be worn under the province badge.

Uniform: An aquamarine (informed these were discontinued in 2002 ) or navy popover.

Program: Program is based these three areas. 1 Self Awareness, 2 Awareness of others, 3 Awareness of the environment.

Motto: "Pippins care, Pippins share with other children everywhere"

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