Brownies In Canada


6-9 years old

I promise to do my best,
to be true to myself, my God/faith*and Canada;
I will help other people,
And keep the Brownie law.

As A Brownie
I am honest and kind;
I help take care
Of the world around me.

Lend a hand.

Brown dress/brown pants with white T-shirt (brown strips), an orange tie with white strips, and brown tights or socks.

The Brownie Program: For Fun and Adventure
First Year program:
Opening My Window-3 parts:
1.Opening my window on People
2.Opening my window on Today and Tomorrow
3.Opening my window on the Outdoors

Second Year program:
Widening My Window-3 parts:
1.Widening my window on People
2.Widening my window on Today and Tomorrow
3.Widening my window on the Outdoors

Other badges the girls earn are called Outlooks. They go on the back of their scarfs, with the program ones on the front. Two of the most favorite to earn are:

This outlook is to help the girls learn to take care of their pets.

This outlook helps the girls learn to try a variety of crafts using different skills and materials.

Brownie units are divided into smaller groups called circles. Each circle has a name like Pixies, Sprites, Kelpies, Fairies, Elves and many more. Once each circle has taken attendance, dues are collected, and the meeting opens. Each circle has it's own song, and they sing and skip around the toad stool.