Brownies In China

This information may be a bit outdated; it was taken from many different sources.

I promise to do my best:
To do my duty to God and my country;
To help other people everyday,
especially those at home.

A green dress, with a green belt and a yellow tie, and a green cap.

Is a frog on the national flower, and its colors showing her progress with her Brownie tests.

GAME: "Lame Chicken"
Group is split into teams. Each of the teams has ten sticks (or slippers or anything else suitable). These are placed 10-12 inches apart like rungs of a ladder-one row in front of each team and several feet away from the players. The first Brownie in each group is the "lame chicken"; she must hop over these sticks without touching them. After hopping over the last stick, she reaches down, and picks up the stick and hops back with it and places it at the beginning. The next Brownie then becomes the "lame chicken".

A Brownie is disqualified if she touches both feet to the ground or touches a stick with her feet, when hopping.

The brownies In China learn about their flag, how to tell time, and to use correctly the dishes, spoons, and chopsticks on the table at mealtimes.
A brownie learns how to plant and grow, as well as cut and arrange flowers. She must wash or peel fruit and prepare a fruit salad, and she learns to clean and polish brass or silver.