Brownies In France

This information was taken from may different sources, some of the information may be a bit outdated.

Brownies in France are called Jeannettes.

I promise to do my best to:
Obey God;
Love my country;
Lend a hand everyday.

"A Jeannette thinks first of others".

They wear brown velvet jumpers over sky-blue blouses, with brown shoes and socks, and beige pullovers when needed.

The Brownies follow Paths in the Forest. During the journeys, they learn:
-To put into practice the law.
-To do a kindness to someone everyday, and to bring joy into the home.
-They learn to be observant, to listen to others and to share with them.
At the end of the first path, each Brownie gathers a blue flower.

The second journey is to gather a white flower. To earn this they must:
-To find a creature from a stream or pond, take it home, look after it for at least two weeks and then return it back to where it was found.
-Dress up as someone else and act the part for the Pack to see.

The third Path is to find the gold flower.
-To give a puppet show with other Brownies taking part too.
-Must find out about some product of the region where she lives, for example, wood, coal, fish, wheat, etc. Or find out about something manufactured in her region, for example, glass, plastic, steel, etc. She must tell the Pack about this.

Good Turns:
When the Brownies have gathered their three flowers they are able to earn badges. Two badges that they can choose to earn are the Red Cross badge, and the Hostess badge.

Game: "Les Grelots." (Bells)
Each Brownie needs a scarf. A safe place is chosen and no one may leave it. A brownie is chosen and her leader ties two or three jingle bells to each of her legs. This Brownie must walk or run all the time. The rest of the pack use their scarves to tie over their eyes. Then the "bell Brownie" (who can see) tries to escape being caught by any of the other Brownies, but she must not leave the play area. When she is caught, the two change places and the game continues.