Brownies In Greece

This information was found in many different places, the information may not be exactly up to date.

Brownies in Greece are called Poulia (pooh-lee-ah) which means Birds.

I promise to try as hard as I can:
1.To do my duty to God and my country.
2.To help other people everyday and bring cheerfulness at home.

dark brown jumpers with yellow shirts and scarves printed with yellow, dark and light brown strips and trefoils on them. The caps are green with yellow strips and the Greek Brownies wear their badges on their caps.

They are pins of little gold birds and are worn on the scarves.

1. Think what would make a member of her family happy and do it in her leisure time.
2. Learn the Greek games which children have been playing for thousands of years.
3. Learn about the traditional food, customs and celebrations of her own town or village.
4. Watch a craftsman and describe his work.

Greek Brownies help at home in many ways.
They draw old houses, gates, windows, etc., trying to keep alive the architecture of old times, in case it disappears in modern building developments.

GAME: "The Puppet"
This is a very old game.

One Brownie is chosen to be the Mother and she stands outside a circle of Brownies, all sitting cross-legged. A "puppet doll" has been made out of a handkerchief or other material, and this is passed quickly around the circle in either direction, so that the "Mother" cannot catch it, as she runs around outside the circle. When she does catch her "child" she changes places with the Brownie who was holding it at the time.