Brownies In India

This information was found in a number of places, and some of it may be a bit outdated.

Brownies in India are called Bulbuls, after a cheerful, brightly colored bird.

I promise to do my best:
to do my duty to God and my country,
To keep the Law of the Bulbul Flock,
To do a good turn everyday.

There are three different kinds of uniforms that are worn. The Bulbul badge is stitched in the middle of the left sleeve.
1. Sari, (top is white and bottom skirt is blue), with red tie
2. Punjabi dress, with a v-shaped scarf called a dupatta. The skirt is a khameez and the
trousers are called a salwar.
3. Blue dress, similar to Canadian Brownie outfits, with red scarf.

To become a One Star Bulbul, they must do many things, here are four of them.
1. Know the national flag of India.
2. Make a handcraft article.
3. Be able to tell the time by the clock.
4. Know the homes of the Bulbul in her Six, and the home of the Flock Leader.

To become a Two Star Bulbul, there are harder things. Here are three of them.
1. Trim, fill, light and put out a hurricane lantern or replace an electric light bulb.
2. Balance on a plank 4 meters long and 15cm wide, raised 1 meter above ground.
3. Run for 5 minutes or cycle for 10 minutes with a verbal message of not fewer than 12
words, and deliver it correctly.

GAME: "Balloons"
Bulbuls sit in two lines facing each other. Each Bulbul's feet must touch those of the player sitting opposite to her. She must not move them during the game. The Flock Leader throws a balloon between the players and each side must try to hit it over the heads of the opposite line. If it touches the floor behind the line, it is counted as a goal to the team facing in that direction. After each goal, or if the balloon goes out at either end, the Flock Leader throws it again.