The patch is really cute! Point-up triangle, red border, cream twill - picture of three teddy bears dancing! 8-) The two bears facing you have smiley faces and little red hearts on them.

No one in the world is exactly like you - or your friends! Show how you care about
yourself and others with these activities.

Be a "secret pal" to someone. Think of nice things you can do for your secret pal. You
may want to write a poem, make a friendship pin, send a card, or be a helper. Think of
other things you can do.

Everyone has some things that they like better than others do. Make a list of some of your
favorites - school subjects, books, places, things to do. Compare your list with your
friends' lists. What things are the same? Different? How much influence do your friends
have on what you like? What about your family?

With your troop or group, talk about what makes a person a good friend. How can
you be a good friend to another person? With your Brownie Girl Scout friends, role
play what you would do for each of these events.

1.Your best friend is crying, and you want to show you care.
2.One of the girls in the troop has a birthday.
3.Your mother has to finish a big project for work the next day.
4.A neighbor falls and breaks her leg.
5.Your friend is afraid she will fail a test.
6.A classmate forgot her lunch.
7.You may want to think of other scenes to act out.

What do you think of yourself? What do other people think of you? Do at least two of
these activities.

1.Write a story about your best friend. What do you like best about her?
2.Write a story about one time when you were very happy.
3.Draw or write about one time when you were very scared.
4.Draw or write about one time you solved a problem no one else could.
5.Draw or write about one time when you were very mad.
6.Draw or write about one time when you were very brave.
7.Ask someone to draw a picture about what they think is best about you

Many people look different from you. Some have skin or hair that is another color.
Some are taller or shorter. One person may see better and another may not hear as
well. All these people have similar feelings on the inside. They also have talents to

With your Girl Scout group, find out about ways that you are different from one
another. Choose a partner and stand or sit facing her. Write down three ways that your
partner is different from you. Write three ways you are the same. Change partners and
do the same thing. Come together as a group and talk about some of the ways you are
different and the same. Are these differences important?

Make a scrapbook that tells about all of your friends.

You will need:
Construction paper
Writing paper
A stapler
Markers or crayons
A pencil

1.Fold the construction paper in half. This will be the cover.
2.Decide how many friends you want to put in your book.
3.Make a page for each of
4.Staple the pages and cover together.
5.Decorate the cover.
6.Make a page for each friend. You may want to put in pictures, phone numbers;
birthdays, addresses, or other things you think would be fun.