The "No Skit" Skit

submitted by: Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario

How about the "No Skit, skit" asks Michelle. It was sooooo cute.


The first girl sits, crying (loudly) and the second girl goes up and says, "What's wrong?" The first girl whispers in the second girl's ear and the second girl bursts (loudly) into tears and sits down beside the first girl. The third girl goes on stage, sees the first two crying and asks what is wrong. The second girl whispers in her ear and the third girl breaks down and puts her face in her hands, sobbing. This continues until all the girls who wish to perform have joined the sobbing line (in my girl's case this is ALL of them!). Then the leader goes up, announces to the audience, that her whole Pathfinder unit is crying and says "My gracious, girls, what's the matter?!"

The whole line of weeping girls look up and loudly announce in unison, "We haven't got a skit!!"

Exit to wild applause!