Ode to a Girl Scout Leader's Family

Author Unknown

Ode to a Girl Scout Leader's Family:


Even though there are stacks of dirty dishes, laundry and an unmade bed,
She's off again to yet another Girl Scout meeting instead.
She has plenty of time to buy great snacks and food for all the troop,
While here we wait, forced to survive on nothing but bread and soup.

Ah yes, they have grand adventures in the great outdoors 'neath the rain filled sky.
Yet all we hear are tales of woe as sleeping bags and troop gear take several days to dry.
We'll be on our own to clean and cook,
Since before an outing the phone rings off the hook..

"What time do we leave? Where do we meet? Are we still going if it rains?"
"Don't they read permission slips or newsletters?" the Girl Scout spouse exclaims!
Yes, their houses are neglected --- the Board of Health could shut them down.
To many a leader's husband, the mear mention of Girl Scouts could bring a frown.

She says that in 20 years- no one on earth will know or care,
For it man's existence is from dust to dust- you'll find one on our unswept stair!
Being a part of leader's family brings with it a unique lifestyle.
We pray at least a few young girls will nuture and grow to make all of THIS worthwhile!