used by permission
from Owls and Toadstools
Special Issue - Christmas Crackers - 1987

For your window, or tree . . . a very easy craft


flat-style toothpicks
small pieces of cardboard cut in 2 cm squares


Working on a flat surface - put glue all over the surface of a cardboard square.

Place the rounded tips of 4 toothpicks, covering the 4 corners of the square as shown in the diagram.

Then place 4 more toothpicks between the first 4. Then place 8 more toothpicks between the ones already on the square.

Allow to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Be sure you have a piece of paper under your work.

Turn the star over, brush glue lightly over the square of cardboard, and over the toothpicks.

Sprinkle glitter over the star, then pick it up, gently, and tip off any excess glitter onto your paper.

This can be tipped back into the glitter container.

Both sides can be sprinkled wiht glitter, if you wish.

Tie a thread to one of the toothpicks, and hang on your window, or on your tree.

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