Pip, Squeak and Charlie (Pepperoni, Cheese and Sauce)

Becky Vincent

Becky Vincent:

Divide your girls into teams of three. Arrange the teams into a circle, with the girls on each team standing in a line. The final formation looks like the spokes of a wheel.

Girl #1 on each team is the girl nearest the centre of the circle, #2's are in the middle, and #3 is the girl nearest the outside of the circle. Name all #1's "Pip", #2's "Squeak", and #3's "Charlie".

Place a ball, beanbag or bell in the centre of the circle. The leader then calls either Pip, Squeak, or Charlie.

In this example, Pip is called. All the "Pip's" must run all the way around the outside of the circle and back to their own team. Meanwhile, the "Squeaks" and "Charlies" make a bridge with their arms. When each "Pip" reaches their own team, she runs under the bridge and dives for the ball/beanbag/bell in the centre of the circle. The team of the girl who gets the object first gets a point!

Repeat the game a number of times, making sure to call each name.

Variation: One great variation I tried at a very HOT summer camp was to have a clean garbage can full of water in the middle of the circle, and everyone was holding a cup. So - you guessed it - once the girls reached the middle of the circle their objective was to get everyone else as wet as possible! This was a lot of fun.

Variation: My current Guide Unit taught me an almost identical game called "Pizza". Instead of naming the girls Pip, Squeak and Charlie, they were named Pepperoni, Cheese and Sauce. If the leader wanted everyone to be running at the same time, she called "Pizza"! Cool!

Helen Archibald:

Point of Interest: This game I first heard of when my daughter brought it home from Our Cabana, so I always think of it as an international game, although I have no idea of the origin!