Pocket Animals

Marianne Mitchell

Ages: Guides and up


Cut out 2 identical outlines of a teddy bear (or frog/salamander for green felt), about the size of your palm. Provide stencil outlines for younger girls, but older girls (Senior Branches) can probably design their own.

Using embroidery floss and making a stitch that overlaps the sides (I forget what its called) stitch the two shapes together, leaving an inch gap ( to stuff it).

Sew the good sides outwards -- the stitches will show, and you will not turn it inside out at the end.

Gently stuff the animal, making sure that stuffing is evenly distributed, especially to feet, arms, ears. Finish sewing up the remaining gap.

Decorate the animal with eyes, mouth, etc., using fabric paint, embroidery, or gluing bits of cut-out felt. You can also use scraps of fabric to make clothes if you want.

Now you have a pocket animal, which can travel with you wherever you go. They are ideal for travelling with a young child, or for Grandma to keep in her purse when she visits her young grandchildren, etc. An idea I heard suggested, was to take a few on overseas flights to Europe, to give to crying children on the airplane -- their parents will be eternally grateful!