Polymer Slime

Sue McLernon
Mapleway Area, Waterloo Division, Laurel District
Waterloo, Ontario

Slime is, well, slime. It's a polymer, that can be stretched and oozed, and feels kind of squishy. But this recipe doesn't leave your fingers all sticky. I got this recipe from Engineering Science Quest, a science day-camp for kids at the University of Waterloo. We did this as a chemistry experiment for the Scientist badge (thanks for posting the badge to the list, Fiona, we made our own badges by drawing bugs on blank badge circles with fabric paint!)




Hints, Tips and Friendly Advice:

This recipe uses 2 containers (225 ml each) of Elmer's glue, and makes enough for 12 kids, if you use slightly less than half a cup of glue mixture per kid. WARNING: the slime is very, very popular, and you might not want to make it at the beginning of camp or other events. We made that mistake, and spent the rest of camp saying "Slime does not belong at the dinner table, you cannot bring slime to campfire, or Colours, or Guides' Own, or ...." Also, the food colouring made a real mess of some girls' hands, and it was not very appetizing to see a kid with purple hands preparing dinner!