Poor Kitty!

Contributed by: Jane Maddin:

Category: Indoor, quiet
Age: 5 and up
Number of participants: 5 and up
Equipment: Nothing
Source: Learned this one as a child

The children sit in a circle with one person in the center of the circle as the kitty.

The kitty crawls over to each of the children in turn around the circle (until she makes someone laugh, then she takes their spot in the circle, and they become the kitty.)

The person that the kitty stops in front of, must say "Poor kitty" and pat the kitty three times while the kitty meows piteously and tries to make the person laugh. If they succeed in saying "Poor kitty" three times with a straight face, then the kitty goes on to the next person.

Variation for Pathfinders:

The person who is 'it' chooses a victim and says to them, whilst performing such antics as to cause them to smile involuntarily, "Honey if you love me, will you please please smile?"

The person that they stop in front of must say, "Honey, know I love you, but I just can't smile." with a straight face.

Otherwise the game is the same as the Poor Kitty version above (without the petting!)

Michèle Buchanan

My Guide group came up with a version of this they called Sausage. The girl has to use sausage in her sentence as she tries to make the girl laugh. They can really get silly with this. Again the Guiders try to ignore some of the things they come up with...letting the girls have fun with their silliness. But I always watch that it doesn't get too out of hand and that no one insults any of the girls.

Jane Schuler, Junior/Cadette Troop, Knoxville, Tennesse

A favorite game from my early Girl Scouting days, probably late 1950's or early 1960's, was Poor Kitty. I taught this to my older girls when they were Juniors and they still love it. Whenever we go to work with Brownies, we teach them Poor Kitty.

My troop has had some very creative kitties and some very funny facial expressions from the girl trying not to laugh. (Anyone not targeted by the kitty is free to laugh. Trying to be the only girl in the circle not laughing is very hard.) In large groups, it usually works better to have several circles with about eight to ten girls in each group. This gives more girls a chance to be the kitty.