Pop-Bottle Butterflies

Julie Gelmich
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Empty, clear plastic pop bottles (not the green ones)
sturdy cardboard very simple butterfly design
black fabric paint other fabric
paints in various colours craft
"antenna" (those little pieces of string with a little bead at either end)


1) Photocopy, or hand draw, a very simple butterfly outline. The ones we used were about 2"x3".

2) Make copies of the butterfly onto rectangular pieces of white paper. Use the paper to trace onto a a cardboard box to make your backing.

3) Cut the top and bottom off of the pop bottles, so you are left with a tube. Use the a paper with the butterfly on it as a template to cut your pop bottle into rectangles. When we did this, we used the whole height of the bottle and were able to get three rectangles out of one bottle, by cleaning off all of the glue.

4) Take one piece of cardboard, one butterfly design, and one piece of pop bottle and staple them together so that the cardboard is on the bottom and the pop bottle is on the top, curved towards the cardboard.

5) Using black fabric paint, make the outline of the butterfly. At this point, you will also want to put on the antennas. Cut one "antenna" in half, so you end up with two pieces with a bead on one end. These go onto the middle of the body & you stick them down using black fabric paint. This is the point where we let the girls take over.

6) The girls then paint in the butterflies using colored fabric paint. We gave each of the girls a piece of wax paper with a blob of each paint on it & they used toothpicks to spread the paint onto the butterfly.

7) Let it dry. It usually takes at least 24 hours to dry completely.

8) When it is dry, remove the plastic from its cardboard backing, and cut the butterfly out. Then fold the butterfly in half along the center, painted sides together. Now, you can either put a small hole in one wing, add a safety pin and
pin it onto your hat, or use sticky tack and stick your butterfly onto a mirror, wall, window, whatever.

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