Popping Film Canisters

Peggy Ravitch
Troop 744 Brownies
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I was lucky enough to get a bunch of empty film canisters, too. So I took them home and hubby used them at the elementary school's Science Night.

  1. You put in a little water and a fraction of an Alka Seltzer tablet, but use the generic brand because it's cheaper.
  2. Replace cap.
  3. Place it on a stand and then wait for it to explode.
  4. The gas from the Alka Seltzer causes pressure that will cause the lid to pop its top.

Safety first. Be careful don't look down on the loaded canister sitting on the floor, or their eyes and face may become casualties.

Anyway, the group will get a bang out of it (and a science lesson).

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