Presenting Badges

Jan Schairer
Texas Girl Scout Council
Irving, Texas

Last year, we made 24 corsages for our troop's court of awards...



  1. To put together - pre-determine the length of the streamers - ours were appx anywhere from 2 to 3 feet each - determined by # of badges/patches
  2. Staple your points onto your mum back
  3. Staple your streamers onto your mum back
  4. Tie the jingle bells onto the cord, staple cord onto mum back
  5. Put the mum into the hole, secure with tape or staple stem in place
  6. We stapled the badges and patches onto the streamers I also made labels to put on the back of the mum back that had the year, troop #, girl's name, list of her badges she'd earned and the patches she'd earned.

This was a big success - we still have a couple of girls who have their mum's on their bedroom wall with the badges & patches still on them - they've not taken them off and put them on their vests...