Reducing Negative Comments

The Stansbery's
Colorado Springs

One of the things I did as a SU Director was announce during our last meeting prior to a major event (shortened version):

  1. Is there anything anyone can think of that we haven't? This is your last chance. After this, we accept no more input as to what we should have done.
  2. Rest assured, something unexpected will happen. Let's all relax and work together to deal with it.
  3. Do not criticize the person/committee in charge. If you have any concerns, please see me. S/he/they have volunteered extra time to make this happen, and s/he/they deserve our support, not negative comments.
  4. Any negative comments I receive I will interpret as volunteering to be in charge of next year's event because you obviously have some great ideas.
  5. We will solicit constructive ideas for next year. Please phrase them in a positive light.


It has helped cut down the backbiting.

There are times when one can't be pro-active. The negative comments hit me like someone punched me in the stomach.