Registration Fees

Jennifer Walker, Pathfinder Guider, Provincial Link Adviser, Trainer (LDP, CI, Music), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

Here, the unit gets about $9 (covers leaders' registration fees), District takes nothing, Division requires that each girl purchase two tickets for the annual Pumpkin Tea at $1 each which is tacked on to the registration fee, Area does the same (at $1.50 each) for their Camp Bazaar, Province adds their own registration fee, then the National one. Think it was about $60 a year total, presented to the parents as "registration fee" with a breakdown provided if questioned.

Then, last fall, when I heard the GS Leaders arguing about whether their 'registration fee" should be increased from $6 to $9 before their National Convention, it was quite a shock. But, as I understand, cookie sales and fundraising in general, as well as dues, isn't really the same as in Canada.

Margaret Kieser, Guide Guider, South Africa:

Thought you might be interested in the registration fees in our district.....

Parents pay about US$40 (CND$55) for the year, of which $14 goes for membership dues. The remaining money is used by the Guide company for badges, equipment, outings etc. Camp fees are extra, and differ from camp to camp. We do very little fund raising, and do not receive any profit from the biscuit sales. Somehow we manage every year though!

Pat, Northern BC, Canada:

Our division over the past number of years has adopted the policy of spreading the costs among units so that the numbers or location of a unit does not seriously affect the type of program that can be offered.

Therefore the Division collects a fee that allows us to pay the various rents, subsidize the low income members as well as keep our members informed.

Tsimotsa Division registration fee is:

cost to first girl in family: $35 plus $5 for calendars

National - $13
Area - $5
Division - $17
Total $ 35

Second girl is $30 and third or subsequent is $18 (National and Area fees)


In looking over our budget, the division covers

It costs about $6000 yearly to run our division. A few years ago we had a small savings account, but that was because several costly items were not bought, we encouraged and have had many of our Guiders attend trainings and area events, and we have many more girls travelling and requiring sponsorship.

I like the idea of posting this list for the parents. Although I hand out similar information to the Guiders each year, I still receive the comment from them "why do we have to pay so much!"