Round Tuits

Helen Archibald
Pointe Clarie, Quebec

Some of you probably have a whole list of things that you are going to do when you get "around to it".

So: What you need is one of those circular pieces of plastic canvas. Something else circular would also do. Just stitch the name on it: "Tuit" . Put a magnet on the back & stick it on our fridge. Then you will have no more excuses, because you already have a "round tuit" and you can't say "I'll do it when I get a round tuit".

You can even make them out of cardboard, & just write on them...

Some of you crafty people can probably make really fancy round tuits. Fimo... Felt with cut-out letters... pasta letters glued to a juice can lid....

Once we all have round tuits, think of all the stuff that will get done!

Ricki Pieke
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Mine came with the following poem:

"How many times have you said:
I'll do it as soon as I get around to it!
Well, now's your chance, now you can do it.
Now, at last, you've got A ROUND TUIT!"

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