South Africa's Teddies

Barb Garber

Groups called Dens

Age: 5 - 7 years old

Promise: They do not have one right now.

Motto: Share and care

Badge: A small round crest with a teddy bear on it.

Uniform: Yellow T-shirt with brown shorts, a tabard made of teddy color material.

Song: The meeting start and close with the Teddy Song and also close with the Teddy prayer.

Opening Song:

We're the Teddies, see up jump
Watch our feet go stomp, stomp, stomp
As we skip and run and play, happy
'cause it's
Teddy Day.

Closing Song:

Now we've skipped and jumped and run.
Every Teddy's had her fun. Now it's time
for us to say, see you all next Teddy Day.

Opening Prayer: For all the strength we have to run and leap and play, for ears that hear and lips that speak, we thank you lord today.

Closing Prayer: Teddy time is over, listen while we pray, make us kind and helpful 'till we meet next day.

Teddy programme: The programme is based on a series of paws. These are not tests but were automatically given to every child who participates in all the clauses of the paws. The only exception being the Teddy badge which is presented on "shake a paw day".

Teddy badge: A Teddy has to know: her name, age, birthday, address and telephone number and must have attended four Teddy meetings.


Activity Paw - Red

Nature Paw - Green

Bright Teddy - Yellow

Scripture Paw - Blue

Busy Teddy Paw - Pink

Craft Paw - Purple

Safe Teddy Paw - Orange

Play Paw - White

Friendship Paw - Turquoise

Caring Paw - Silver Grey