The Scheme

Clare Zimmermann

In a rare moment of original thought I came up with this game to play as people arrived (600ppl - about 60 troops). it was for a Cadette and Senior encampment.
The Scheme

We had three things to figure out - a person, a place and a thing. They do not have to be related items
For each person, place or thing we had about 20 one line clues. For instance, for place the girls who helped plan chose "here". One of the clues was "a homonym".
Each troop got ONE clue in an envelope with a pencil and a set of directions. The clues were color coded (Place - all green, person - all blue...) but we didn't tell them that. So, they might start out with one green clue that said: "a homonym". The point was, they all had to cooperate with each other and mingle in order to figure it out.
Then, when they had (or thought they had) the right answer they put it in a box and a winner was picked the next day by lottery.
Let me know if it works for you.
I always think I am very clear, but this is not always the case. If you need clarification on anything, please ask.