Six "Official" Sangam Songs

Shelagh Walsh

Jen wrote;

When I was at a WAGGGS Weekend camp (Willowdale Division, Willowbluffs Area), we learned the Sangam song as...

"Come into Sangam
Walk through the open door.
In this home of unity,
Listen, share and explore" , etc.

But this isn't what I see in song books... Can anyone explain this?


Dear Jen;

Yes, that song is by Jenny Barron & Margo Browning. Here is a quote from the Spring '96 issue of Team Talk:

'Sangam is fortunate enough to have 6 official songs!! An excerpt from a letter from Jane Pennington, Guider-in-charge at Sangam, reads:

"...some of these have been written for special events, and some were just written for Sangam by former volunteers. The song written by Cmdr. Japheth was the original Sangam song, and the others are all published in the book the Story of the Four World Centres. The staff like the song by Jenny Barron better and it is easier to teach to people who do not know any Sangam songs. Any of the songs may be reproduced as the official Sangam song..."

So there you have it. There are two main songs that may be taught as the official Sangam songs.'

Brandis Purcell

The issue contains the words and music by Jenny Barron and Margo Browning, and may be copied, so I could fax it along if anyone wants. I taught it to Guides, and they liked it. Once you get used to the syncopated rhythm it is not too difficult.