Slapping Game

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Queenswood District
Ottawa Area, Ontario

Equipment: None
Number of Players: Any number from 10 and up.
Age: I've seen Pathfinders and Guides play, so 9-15 years old.
Source: My Pathfinders here taught me this one, but I understand it came from Our Cabana, so is INTERNATIONAL.

The girls get in a circle and then each girl lies down on the floor on her tummy with her hands in front of her and her palms flat on the floor (sort of like a collapsed push up position). Then each girl puts her hands on the other side of the hands of the girl on either side of her.

(This is MUCH more complicated to describe than it is to do, trust me!) This means that there are two hands in front of each girl on the floor. The hand on the left is the right hand of the girl to her left, and the hand on the right is the left hand of the girl on her right. Her hands are in front of the two girls on either side of her.

Rules: One girl is chosen to start and she indicates which direction the slap is travelling. Let's say, for ease of explanation that she picks her right. She slaps her right hand on the floor. If she slaps ONCE, the slap continues to travel to the right. If she slaps TWICE the slap travels in the opposite direction. I think that I would get a room full of girls who have never played this before, to each slap once to get the idea of the slap travelling.

If you miss your turn, or you slap out of turn, that hand comes out of the circle. You have to mess up twice to be kicked out of the game. The game is over when only one person is left - HOWEVER, this could be a VERY long game, you might want to stop when 5 people have been kicked out, or when 10 hands have been eliminated from the game!

Have a great time with it!