Space Theme - Song and Games

Kristen Byrnes
8th Kingston Guides
Kingston, Ontario

A really neat song to the tune of In a cabin, In a Wood. (if that is the name.... Sharon Lois and Bram sing it). AND there are actions!!!!

In a spaceship <place arms out like holding something big -spaceship shaped! go fig!>
In the sky <hold arms over head forming circle... moon shaped>
Inside little conehead guy <make conehead shape with hands on top of head>
Saw an astronaut floating by <Star shaped. Place arms and legs out and stand on one foot>
Knocking at my door <knock in the air>

Help me! Help me! Help me! he said <raise arms in alarm on each help me!>
Or the laser beam will shoot me dead. <pretend laser gun pointing>
Come little conehead, come with me, <beckon with hands>
Happy we will be.

Next... say the laser beam went crazy and the astronaut shrunk.
Then repeat in a high squeaky voice.
Then he grew extremely large and repeat in a deep voice.

The final time the laser beam went completely nuts and it was all three together (high, regular, deep voice) for these words spaceship, conehead, astronaut, knocking, laser beam, conehead, happy and for each help me! (first one is high, 2nd is regular and 3rd is deep so it isn't repeated again but as written in the song).

(so it doesn't completely make sense! my Guiders taught it to me and I'm not sure if they made it up as I've never heard it anywhere else. So thanks to Kathleen Stokoe and Marg Preston from White Oaks Area). Its a fun song!

You could make up a game with night eyes but have them as constellations or planets. There could be questions on the back to answer or puzzle to do, depending on what you'd like to do. Or make up a scavenger hunt with the planets, pretending they are on a space mission and have to find life, water, whatever, and your older girls can plan it.

As for a wide game, you could play TV tag but instead of naming TV shows, they'd name planets, comets, constellations, etc. We did this with an endangered species camp and a hike and it worked really well.