Spark Dues Holders / Campfire Ashes Holder

submitted by: Barb Wright
1st Colwood Sparks, Membership Coordinator
Southern Vancouver Island Area
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My neighbor and fellow Spark leader (but different unit in a different district!) made Spark dues holders out of film canisters


  1. Decorated them with lace, etc.
  2. Poked hole in side of canister and in lid, tied lid to canister with long-ish loop of thin ribbon so it can be lidded and opened, and pinned the whole thing to their hats.

Presto! No more "I don't have a pocket," "It fell out of my pocket, " "I put it down on the floor when we had circle and it's gone..." etc etc etc.

This craft can also be used to hold campfire ashes. (See Ashes of Friendship Ceremony)