Stalking Game with Film Canisters and a Water Gun


Several people have asked me about this game so I'm posting it below. It's not my idea; I may even have picked it up from this list!
  1. Fill 5 - 6 film canisters with a varying number of small pebbles, beads, etc. Leave one empty.
  2. Blindfold a girl and have her sit on the ground with her legs apart and the film canisters in the V formed by her legs.
  3. Give her a water pistol.
  4. Send the other girls up one at a time or in groups to pick up a film canister and remove it without being heard by the girl with the water pistol.
  5. The blindfolded girl catches the other girls by squirting them. No arguments here: it's pretty clear when a girl has been caught!

This is almost more fun to watch than to play. The antics of the squirter are hysterical.

The girls learn good stalking skills and come to realize that quiet isn't always!

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