Sticker Motivators

Wendy Baker
Sparks Guider, Pathfinder Guider, Craft Trainer, Potential Trainer, Chair of Division Composite Camp, District Commissioner
Central Area, Ganaraska Division, Sugarbush District

I thought I invented bribery by way of stickers. At camp I tell them, "If I see you doing something nice without being asked, I will give you a sticker". Even my Pathfinders love stickers. I make creative ways for them to "earn" their stickers. My Sparks get stickers for attendance.

I use plastic page protectors, you can buy them at Grand & Toy, and I cut them into 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" sticker cards and I round off the edges. At camp, I give them 3 with a hole punched in the edge and a split ring to hold them together. I have letter stickers and I put their first names on them.

Even my leaders expect to get stickers from me. It is a very pleasant form of bribery.

I made up camp challenges for Guides one year at our District Camp and made sticker holders from two pieces of coloured mac tac stuck together and cut into the shape of a bear.