Storm at Sea

Rebecca Saint
Guide Guider - 1st Amlwch Guides
Anglesey, Wales, UK

You begin by asking for two volunteers (usually YOU pick the two most mischievous girls).


Ask them to pull a kagoule (a raincoat, for North Americans) over the two of them and lie down on the ground (they are supposedly in a ship at night at sea). You ask them each to look up one of the sleeves, which are pull vertically up towards the sky.

Then the leader starts to tell the story of a ship at sea, getting caught in a storm. You ask the two volunteers in the kagoule to roll from side to side, as if they were being tossed about at sea.

The leader then continues with the story, stating that there is a lighthouse in view, at which point the leader shines a torch down each sleeve, and ask the girls whether they can see the beam. Which they confirm they can.

The sea gets rougher and rougher, when suddenly a huge wave breaks over the deck. At this point,the leader tips a mug of water down each sleeve.


This story usually receives screams of laughter from the audience girls, when they see the mugs of water and they realize what is about to happen, and then the screams from the 'volunteers' as the water goes down the sleeves of the kagoule and soaks them.


It a good way of getting your own back on those cheeky ones, but BEWARE of their revenge !