The Story of Juliette Low

Betsy Woodford

This is a story with sound effects. When you read the following phrases, the girls say:

Girls: "But Mom"
Juliette Low: Curtsey and say "Join my troop"
Georgia: "Howdy, y'all"
Lord Baden-Powell: Bow, "How do you do"
London: sing "London Bridge is Falling Down"
Boy Scouts: Salute and say "Be prepared"
Girl Scouts: "Where's the campout?"


Reader: We would like to tell you about the founder of Girl Scouts. Once upon a time there was a girl named Juliette Low, who lived in Georgia. Juliette Low was a very active little girl who loved to organize her friends into clubs. After she grew up, she went to London and there she met Lord Baden-Powell, who was looking for ways to train boys to be self-sufficient and so he founded the Boy Scouts.

Juliette Low was fascinated by the work that Lord Baden-Powell was doing and thought to herself "girls need to learn how to be self-sufficient too, what about Girl Scouts?" So, Juliette Low stayed in London for awhile to study with Lord Baden-Powell. Then she went back to her home in Georgia and asked her many girl friends if they would like to be Girl Scouts. And they loved it so much that the idea spread and now there are Girl Scout and Girl Guide troops all over the world.

(read this part faster)

Aren't we glad that a girl named Juliette Low from Georgia went to London and met Lord Baden-Powell founder of the Boy Scouts, and came home to start the wonderful world of Girl Scouts ?