Spark / Brownie Supplies List

Ann Bilbrey, Brownie Leader Troop 904, Illinois Crossroads, Palatine, Illinois:



  • scissors
  • crayons
  • glue
  • beads
  • feathers
  • construction paper
  • tape dispenser (and extra roll of tape)
  • stapler (and extra staples)
  • hole punch
  • pencils and pencil sharpener
  • WASHABLE markers
  • wet wipes
  • paper towels
  • stickers
  • plain white paper
  • construction paper
  • chalk
  • band-aids
  • first aid ointment
  • handbook
  • ceremonies book
  • paper cups
  • napkins
  • a pitcher and a few packets of "emergency" kool-aid
  • a Sharpie pen and instructions to the leader to mark the box and everything in it with the troop number
  • glitters

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Jane Schuler, Junior/Cadette Troop 5, Knoxville, Tennessee: Be creative in collecting supplies. The more you can get donated, the more money you will have to invest in the items nobody will give you. Some stores have a monthly budget for donations, so it is best to approach store managers at the beginning of the month. You might find banks or businesses that give away pencils or other office supply items as part of their advertising budgets. Fast food restaurants might give you paper cups or napkins. A doctor or hospital might donate first aid supplies.

There are also many craft projects in the Brownie handbook that use household trash. If you go through try-it activities in the handbook and make a list of craft items the members of your alumni group might be routinely discarding, you can spend the summer collecting these things for your Daisies and Brownies. By the end of the summer, you can probably give each troop leader the materials for one or two try-it activities without spending a penny.

Linda Hall, Cadette Leader, Just one note regarding hitting up stores for craft supplies. We have found in our Middle TN area that our stores, especially the larger ones such as WalMart & KMart were getting a little tired of being asked to donate to every girl scout troop, cub scout den, boy scout troop, church youth group, etc. in town.

We have asked that individual troops not ask for donations from stores. We would like to leave that option available for large activities (day camp, city-wide activities,etc.),

You might want to check with your service unit manager, area manager, or council office before going to stores for craft supplies.