Tin Foil Dinner with Chicken

Marylyn Murphy
1st Pasadena Guides
Pasadena, Newfoundland

The first time we tried to cook chicken in foil, we left the skin on it. It was a flop because we found that the vegetables cooked, as did the skin of the chicken, but the skin sealed the meat of the chicken causing it not to thoroughly cook. So we now debone and deskin our chicken.

We cut the chicken in cubes, and when you have your vegetable choices made we added a bit (approx. 1 tsp. to 1tblsp) of butter/margarine (or low fat butter/margarine) to the ingredients before wrapping in foil!

If you make sure the foil wrap is done tight, and sealed well, the moisture from the vegetables, chicken and butter/margarine will stay in the foil and will be enough to cook your meat. It has worked for us, and some of our girls loved it over the ground meat!

The biggest trick to a foil dinner is making sure that the foil is wrapped well, and you have a enough layers. Make sure that you get the "expensive" foil because the cheap foil will actually burn in the coals! And then burn your meal!

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