Trainer's Ceremony

Wendy Baker

Give out candles to as few or as many people. You can use Birthday candles or even those birthday sparklers:
Give out cards and have the people light their candle and say what is on the card:-

Your part:

We are here tonight to honour............who have completed all the requirements to officially become trainers. Before we do that I thought it would be appropriate to have us read the following called "What Guiding has taught me" which was written by a Pathfinder as her letter for application for an international trip. As we are here tonight to honour our Trainers, it seems appropriate to hear how training affects the youth who we are here to train.

Person 1:

Guiding has taught me to be a friend.

Person 2:

Guiding has taught me to laugh, to sing and to wear a smile upon my face.

Person 3:

Guiding has taught me to enjoy the out of doors, to camp and hike and look at the stars.

Person 4:

Guiding has taught me so may things about myself.

Person 5:

Guiding has taught me to use my imagination to come up with new ideas and enthusiasm for new adventures.

Person 6:

Guiding has taught me determination to do something good and worthwhile with every new challenge I am given.

Person 7:

Guiding has taught me to be a giver and not a taker.

Person 8:

Guiding has taught me to know when to lead and when to follow.

Person 9:

Guiding has taught me about the Guides all over the wide world, of other countries and lifestyles all of whom live by the same promise and law.

Person 10:

I'm a better person for all the things that Guiding has taught me.

How's that? Let me tell you about my daughter who wrote this later when I have time.

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