Tree poems

Michelle Berry
68th Ottawa Guides South Division
Ottawa Area 

Here are some poems on the White Oak, Bur Oak and Red Oak that our leader Sheila made up.


My leaves are lobed and smooth-edged, They narrow at each end. My acorns are delicious, My branches wide extend.

So when you see a White Oak, Spare it a friendly smile. It may have lived 500 years And stood there quite a while!

When people think of oak trees, Of course they think of me! I have classic spreading branches, Were birds nest happily!


My leaves are lobed and pointed. Look for points along the side. I like rocky, gravelly places In upland woods where I reside.

I may live a very long time, 300 years or more. In autumn I am splendid With crimson leaves galore.

I like to live with white pine And trembling Aspen too. My acorns are quite bitter- And must soak before they stew.


My acorns are unusual, They're found inside a bur! My leaves are wide at one end, They they narrow, to be sure!

I'm a great oak, an old oak, My trunk is gnarled, it's true. My bark is fire-resistant; And withstands pollution too!

So many creatures eat them, My acorns are so sweet, That squirrels, deer and chipmunks All hunt them as a treat!


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