Un-"Politically Correct" Songs

Northern BC, Canada

The comment was : "Why deny them the fun of singing cute little songs like Pizza Hut. To them it is just a funny song. Let the kids be kids."

But then again, I grew up calling brazil nuts by a racist name, the "choosing" game where you tap the fists (eney, meeny, miney, mo) now has "catch a *tigger* by the toes" and the end flap on the chicken had a derogatory religious name. I had no idea what I was saying, being only a kid.

I think it's up to us, as we become aware of hurting other people, to stop. Because we don't understand why it hurts or agree with the fact it hurts doesn't make it right to go on doing something. I don't teach "We Are the Redmen" because now I lived in the north where my friends and neighbours are native, and now I see the harm in this little ditty. This topic of political correctness is going to come up more and more as we become more and more a global village.

I have this discussion locally, as my deputy (and a number of other Guiders) feel very much like the quote above. There is no solution, just coming to respect each other's opinion.