WAGGGS-L Mailing List

Ann Bibrey
Brownie Leader - Troop 904
Illinois, USA

A Mailing List . .

is a group of individuals that wish to discuss a subject in a private manner. The individuals subscribe to the List and any post made from the members gets redistributed to all the members. It can not be read by those who have not subscribed.

This is a wonderful resource and if you choose to do nothing else I recommend you subscribe and take advantage of the wealth of information that is shared.

To subscribe to the list, send only the following command in the body of your email to: listserv@jupui.edu

subscribe waggs-l yourfirstname yourlastname

Warning . . .

Jennifer Walker
Alberta Link Adviser, Pathfinder Guider, Music Trainer, LDP Trainer
Edmonton, Alberta
the WAGGGS-L List is VERY busy, with usually 3 - 4 digests of up to 20 messages a day; sometimeseven 6 - 7 digests have been known to occur.

If you're at all getting bogged down trying to keep up with the Guiding List, don't even try to keep up with WAGGGGS-L.

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