Water Themed Activities IV

Sue McLernon
Mapleway Area, Waterloo Division, Laurel District
Waterloo, Ontario

For Around the Water, why not have some nature-study activities? You might be able to get a volunteer from the local Conservation Authority to come out and help you do some pond/wetland study, or you can just equip each girl with a ziplock baggie.

Review the rules for water safety first, then spread them out around the edge of your water body, and just look for neat stuff. The ziplock baggie is for neat stuff that can be saved: interesting rocks, empty snail shells, dandelion flowers (most other flowers should be left where they are, but I think the world has enough dandelions that the Sparks can pick them!).

The girls will do this for as long or as little time as you want, if they are getting bored you can always lie them down on the grass to study clouds for a while. After all, enjoying nature is what camp is all about, right?