Water Cycle Game

Margaret A. B. Jones
Valois-Dorval, Quebec CANADA

It goes something like this....

You divide the girls in teams of 4 in a line quite widely spaced. You will need a bucket of water at the start and a Veggie Zip lock bag (those are the large ones with holes in them!) for each team.

The girls within the line are also spread far apart. On 'go' the first girl takes and fills the ziplock (she is the Cloud) and twirls while advancing to the next girl. She passes on the bag. The second girl is the Rain and she runs to the next girl and passes on the bag. The third girl is the Stream/River and she winds her way - zig-zagging to the next girl and passes on the bag. The fourth girl is the Ocean and she takes the bag and Waves all the way back down to the bucket (at the beginning of the line).

She fills up the bag and is now the Cloud....(the previous first girl is now the Rain) get the picture? The girls have to listen to the directions as they will have to remember 'what' they are and the action for it. They will get lots of encouragement and cheering from their team! The relay continues until the first girl or cloud is the ocean and waves her way down to the bucket.

You all get a bit wet...the Waves have a great time! (Actually EVERYBODY does!)

It's an amusing hands on way to understand the water cycle. Have Fun!

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