Thinking Day Ceremony For Leaders

(Audience all need a birthday candle on trefoil holder made from bristol board or foamy) or a quick circle cut out of bristol board. About the size of the top of a large coffee lid) or ask your neighbourhood coffee shop for the number of lids you need and use them with a hole in the centre. I like to use the larger size birthday candles and I buy mine at IGA.


What would Lord and Lady Baden Powell think of Guiding 90 years after the rally at the Crystal palace on what would have been their 142nd and 105th birthdays?

They would be proud that we see have the same high ideals And that our Promise and Law has stood the test of time.

They would be proud of our newest group our little girls in Pink Named after Lady Baden-Powell’s Canadian nickname Sparkles.

They would be proud to see that their motto "Be-Prepared" is still being carried out and that we still do service to others.

They would be proud to see that camping and outdoor activities are still an important part of our program.

They would be proud that leaders like us are still willing to give our time and passion to Guiding.

They would be proud to see the that the patrol system is still used and that the girls work together to achieve their Guiding goals

They would be proud to see that our uniforms and badges are still Worn proudly by our girls to show that they are Guides.

They would be proud to see that we still cerebrate Thinking Day. A day designated to think of our Guiding friends around the world

They would be amazed at what has been purchased with the World Friendship funds since the pennies bought a Rolls-Royce car as a wedding present.

They would be pleased at the smiles on the faces of the girls as they sit round a campfire and sing together.

They would be pleased to see that the links in the golden chain of friendships have not broken and are as shiny today as they were when first forged by them so long ago.

That's how it is with Guiding, once you have experienced it. You spread its light to everyone, you want to pass it on. Thank you all for bringing the Guiding experience to our girls.ur girl

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