What Influences Me?

Anne Saywell,
Wise Owl, 1st Beaminster Brownies
United Kingdom

The UK Guide Association has just produced a brilliant publication on values and attitudes - I wondered if the following activity which I have filched from it might help?

What Influences Me? (This activity can be used to consider the people, places and situations which have influenced the way we think, our attitudes, values and beliefs.

Preparation - make a 'what influences me' sheet for each girl. This is a picture of a Guide in the middle of the page, with arrows going out from her to about 8 squares.

The Activity - Allow 5 to 10 minutes for participants to write in each of the boxes something which has influenced them. Then as a group discuss in what way did these things influence them.

Comments - Things you might expect to see listed: TV, community, parents, family, siblings, friends, school, Guiding.