What Frustrates You Most in Guiding? What Keeps You in Guiding?

Cadet Guider, District Guider, Trainer
Quebec City, Canada

I went looking through my files and found a lot that I wasn't looking for. I found a gathering activity that I had used for a District meeting. Since the Guiders came at staggered times, I always had activities available to keep people busy.

I had two separate poster boards on either side of the room. On one it read, "What frustrates you the most in Guiding?" The other said, "What keeps you in Guiding?" At that time, we had difficulties with the Guiders and this exercise helped re-direct the focus. There were post-it notes available and everyone was to stick a comment or two on the two posters.

The comments were discussed by the group and knowledge was shared. We were able to assess where help could be found for some problems and ideas came up for further trainings.


Some of the comments for "frustration" were:

Some of the comments for "staying in Guiding"


I'm sure some of these thoughts are echoed around the world.