Will You Be My Brownie Leader?

Jane Schuler
Junior/Cadette Troop 5
Knoxville, Tennessee

Last fall, Tanasi Girl Scout Council did a public service announcement on TV to recruit troop leaders. This was shown on one of the local stations for several weeks before the beginning of the school year. The TV station donated the air time to the council.

An assortment of about twenty girls, representing various age levels and ethnic groups from all over our council area, were chosen from about 100 girls who auditioned for the opportunity to be on TV. The girls selected went to our resident camp for the day and were filmed by a camera crew from the TV station.

Girls were asked to complete the statement "If you will be my leader . . ." The resulting PSA included both the serious statements such as "If you will be my leader, I will be less likely to have sex as a teenager" or "If you will be my leader, I will make better grades in school." to the little Brownie with a lisp who said, "If you will be my leader, we can go fun places and do fun things."

The resulting commercial for Girl Scouts was not as professional as one done by an ad agency might have been, but it was obviously sincere.